Human Centered Game Design

We use a human centered design process in our game design and development, integrating stakeholders early and often in the design process. Game designers include students at the high school and university level, scientists, and educators. Our research on Human Centered Game Design for Bioinformatics and Cyberinfrastructure Learning appeared at the Extreme Science & Engineering Discovery Environment Conference (XSEDE13).

Participatory Design

We integrate students (K-12 and university), scientists, and educators directly into the game design process.  In our games for high school aged students, students participate directly in level design, graphic design, programming interactions, and in creating story lines.  

Interviews & Site Observation

We interview and observe the intended game audience to better understand their current learning and gameplay experiences. We work with scientists and educators to gain insights from their work, and we observe classroom behavior to better understand student technology use and social practices.

Playtesting & Measuring the Player Experience

We conduct extensive playtesting session in classrooms and labs with game prototypes. When possible, we record in-game interactions to gain an understanding of gameplay behavior.