2012 February

The Future of Genetic Sequencing in MAX5

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Since MAX5 takes place twenty years into the future, we want the game to reflect the future of DNA sequencing techniques.  Sequencing a sample is a way to discover the order of the nucleotide bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, or A,G,C,T) within a molecule of DNA. Companies are developing ways to sequence DNA more quickly with greater throughput (requiring less power for greater results).

We recently updated the game to better reflect the steps needed to sequence DNA:

1) Since viruses are dependent on a host for replication, the first step the player will need to take is isolating the viral DNA from any sample collected (be it saliva, tissue, or sewer samples). This process also separates the cellular materials from the DNA

2) The second step is to separate viral DNA from host DNA

3) Once the player has purified viral DNA, it can be sequenced and the order of AGCTs is determined.